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A Look At The Collective Bargaining Reform Bill That Passed In Wisconsin and Paul Ryans Conversati‚Äčon On The Rule Of Law

ARTICLE OF THE WEEK by Janna Legg   Big Mum On Big Business, SEIU Profiting From Workers Bill   CONGRESS IN THE NEWS   Paul Ryan: Restoring The Rule Of Law   Paul Ryan: Americas Conversation Starter   Congress And The Constitution   WISCONSIN THE NEWS   State Senator Urges Boycott […]

Elizabeth Warren And The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau

Hello Everyone, What is happening in Egypt and abroad is important. This week I want to spend a little time on the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that will be launched on July 10th of this year run by Elizabeth Warren. I will never understand why we have to create a new agency to regulate […]

State Legislatures Introducing Right To Work Laws And Other Union News

Hello Everyone, Is it possible that some of the Forced Unionism states are finally understanding their rights? In 2009 and 2010, America took a closer look at forced union dues, forced unionism, pensions, and benefits that are effecting businesseses, states, and individuals. State legislatures are introducing Right To Work Laws in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, […]

FCC In The News

Net Neutrality has been a hot topic this year. FCC, who does not have the authority to regulate the internet, is going to regulate it anyway through new Net Neutrality Rules this Dec 21st 2010 after Congress has gone home and the courts have shut down for the Holiday. Thanks to the hard work of […]

The Dead Shell Bill -Food Safety Bill did NOT Die

by Janna Legg The “food safety” bill did NOT die as it should have because House leaders used what I’ll call a “Dead Shell Bill” to trick their way past their Constitutional and procedural problems. This “Dead Shell Bill,” HR 3082, was . . . * Dead in the sense that it was a numbered […]

Understanding Congressional Trickery

Understanding Congressional Trickery by Janna Legg What did happen this past week? What would have the Read The Bill Act and the One Subject At A Time prevented before the Lame Duck Session? Continue to educate the new/old incoming Congress on the importance of supporting the Read The Bills Act and One Subject At A […]

Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution

Hello Everyone, Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution. If you see value in the information please sign the petition. Respectfully, Janna Petition For Parental Rights Amendement To The Constitution in The United States Please Petition For Parental Rights Amendment To The Constitution Parental Rights In The News A Supreme Court Decision Based On International […]

RTWF Fights For MOM Against Insidious Labor Scheme

Hello Everyone, Unions in the news this week. To Your Health, Janna Video Of The Week Jack Welch, CEO Of GE, Says Obama Beholden To Unions Union President Randi Weingarten Caught On Tape Randi Weingarten And The Teachers Union Liberal Problem Articles Of The Week Exercise Your Right To Be Union Free […]