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Dan Proft: My Remarks from the 2011 Chicago Tea Party Tax Day Rally at Daley Plaza

Snow in Chicago in April. Some might view this as simply the unpredictability of Chicago weather. Others might attribute it to climate change. I, however, believe this to be a prophecy foretold: Rahm Emanuel has been elected Mayor of Chicago and Hell is freezing over. Welcome tea partiers. To paraphrase our President, you are the […]

Proft’s Latest Commentary: Battle of Madison only the Beginning

Dan Proft commentary – Click on the WLS logo to hear the complete commentary. VIDEO: Proft, Martire Talk Public Pension Reform on Fox News Chicago <

VIDEO: Proft Discusses Gov. Quinn’s $15B Borrowing Plan on “Chicago Tonight”

A new year is upon us but it is the same old tax-and-spend, borrow-and-spend policies being promulgated in Springfield. Proft and State Rep. Lou Lang join Eddie Arruza on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight” to discuss the governor’s plan to borrow $15 billion.

Message from Springfield: We Heard You Loud and Clear, Illinois

You wanted tax relief. You wanted an end to runaway spending, including an end to reckless borrowing to finance the status quo. You wanted the public sector to live in the same financial world you do; a world where one must be able to look at two numbers and decide which one is greater than […]

Answers for ILGOP Start with Asking the Right Question

Proft’s latest featured commentary on Don Wade & Roma: Answers for ILGOP Start with Asking the Right Question Programming Note: Join Bruce Wolf and me every Saturday from 12noon-2pm on WLS-AM 890 ( for our perspicacious perspectives on the pressing issues of the day. ________________________________________ Answers for ILGOP Start with Asking the Right Question I […]

Recovering from the Five Stages of Chicago Democrat Governance

Proft’s latest featured commentary on Don Wade & Roma: According to the Kübler-Ross model, there are five distinct stages to the grieving process. Given President Obama’s economic policies, it is likely you have experienced the majority of them in the last two years. This contribution to the understanding of the human psyche has inspired my […]

Ground Zero & Gettysburg: Legality vs. Morality

One of the externalities resulting from the overregulation of human conduct is that our debates over the propriety of a questionable act center solely around whether it is legal. In a free society good law necessarily means allowing bad taste, as long as the exercise of your bad taste does not interfere with the exercise […]

Adam Antics Won’t Change Blago’s Fate

Dan Proft Commentary as heard on the Don Wade & Roma Morning Show on WLS AM-890. You know how I know I’ve been in Illinois politics too long? The comedy troupe of Sam Adam Sr. and Jr. was starting to make some sense to me. For example, during his post-verdict floor show, Sam Adam Sr. […]

Teacher Quality Focus of ‘Rhee-form’ for DC Schools

Dan Proft commentary Washington, DC public schools have an acute problem with juvenile delinquency. Trouble is, the problem isn’t with the students but rather the supposed grown-ups in charge of the Washington Teachers Union (WTU). Once thought to be an unlikely laboratory for school reform, the District’s success with school vouchers, begrudgingly recognized even by […]