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The Totalitarian Unions

This is a great article that says it like it is. What’s the difference between someone who holds people hostage for ransom, and Wisconsin Unions? the Islam extremist.  This is the “civility” that the Dems were asking for in Tuscon last month. “It is ironic that the people described as Havesin Saul Alinsky’s community organizing primerRules […]

Sen. Jauch says the only way to block the bill is to not return to the capital!

Senator Robert Jauch (D-WI) joins Dan Proft and Bruce Wolf to talk about what the Democratic caucus will do now that Wisconsin Governor Walker has offered an ultimatum to the Democratic Senators to return to the capital to pass the budget. When the Senator Jauch and the rest of the Democrats return to Wisconsin? Click […]

Herman Cain rallies tea party in Madison

Herman Cain speaking at the Madison tea party

Andrew Breitbart at tea party rally in Madison

Andrew Breitbart, talks about the Madison rally and the message that is sending to Scott Walker, and other politians ready to make the touch decisions that need to be made, the tea parties will support you and have your back! Andrew Breitbart speaking at the Madison Rally

Offensive Signs from the Madison, Wisconsin Budget Protest: Hypocrisy and hate speech from the left

Once again the offensive rhetoric comes from the left. Some of these signs are outrageous and yet again the media remains silent. It time to educate your friends and family, this is the only way to restore sanity to our country.

Madison Wisconsin Protesters get Fake Doctor ExcusesTeachers 2/19/2011

These doctors need to be held accountable for their actions, just as much as these “supposedly” sick teachers.

Proft’s Latest Commentary: Battle of Madison only the Beginning

Dan Proft commentary – Click on the WLS logo to hear the complete commentary. VIDEO: Proft, Martire Talk Public Pension Reform on Fox News Chicago <

15,000 Patriots Ascended Upon Madison, WI

Some pictures from today’s rally in Madison, WI. Look for more to come as our patriots report in.