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Rauner names Meeks as Illinois State Board of Education chairman

This is only the beginning of the new administration – Some really good folks (including my SCC Brian Colgan) Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner Announces Administration Team Members Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner today announced a first wave of his administration team that will aid his agenda to bring back the state and serve the people of Illinois in […]

STOP the Millionaires’ Tax

Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Yet, Michael Madigan is looking to amend the Illinois Constitution in order  to TAX more. At first, it was a progressive tax.  But that died last week when Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) became the only Democrat to put his name on a resolution opposing the progressive […]

A mom’s fight for justice   Pam Harris is a mom from suburban Chicago. Her adult son, Josh, has a rare genetic disability that means he needs constant care. Pam is doing what any mom would do; she is fighting to give her son the very best care he can get. Instead of putting Josh in a state institution, […]


A multitude of new laws will come into effect in the New Year, with grave consequences for Illinois residents who are caught unaware. Some laws, however, may ultimately be seen as beneficial for those looking for both justice and freedom. Here are just a few of the new laws that arrived in January. Illinois Further Disincentivizes Cell […]

Chicago Sees Pension Crisis Drawing Near

Beneath the signs of recovery is one of the most poorly funded pension systems in the nation, threatening to challenge the city’s finances for years to come. From The New York Times: Chicago Sees Pension Crisis Drawing Near By MONICA DAVEY and MARY WILLIAMS WALSH CHICAGO — Corporations are moving in, and housing prices […]

Senate Members – Illinois General Assembly

  Pamela J. Althoff – District 32   M103C Capitol Building 5400 W. Elm St., Suite103   Springfield, IL 62706 McHenry, IL 60050   (217) 782-8000 (815) 455-6330   (217) 782-9586 (FAX) (815) 679-6756 (FAX)     Jason A. Barickman – District 53   303D Stratton Building 2401 E. Washington St. Suite 201   Springfield, IL 62706 Bloomington, IL […]

House Members – Illinois General Assembly

    Edward J. Acevedo – District 2   109 Capitol Building 1836 W. 35th St.   Springfield, IL 62706 Chicago, IL 60609   (217) 782-2855 (773) 843-1500   (217) 557-5148 (FAX) (773) 843-9500 (FAX)     Luis Arroyo – District 3   274-S Stratton Office Building 5001 W. Fullerton Ave.   Springfield, IL 62706 Chicago, IL 60639   […]

Email List for Illinois State Senate

Ira Silverstein                  D Matt Murphy                  R Terry Link                       D Antonio Munoz               D Kimberly Lightford           D John Cullerton                 D Heather Steans               D This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Donne Trotter  […]

HELP WANTED: gun owners & those who believe in the 2nd amendment

We people in Illinois are in the heart of the State that most exemplifies Big Government. We as a people vote for people that are in the process of fighting felony charges, people that say they will raise your taxes when elected, and people that blame crime on everything but the true cause which is […]

Illinois/ positive reform made negative

Last week emails were flying around about some of our Elected officials calling them out for bringing Obamacare to Illinois 2 years early. I wanted to see what the bill SB2840 actually said before I called them to complain. It is not my desire to implement any part of the National Health Care currently passed […]