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Balich Ordinance not allowing aerial photos to initiate code violations is now law after Executive Order by County Executive

The process addressing use of aerial photos in code violations began in April 2013 when Balich first brought a Resolution to the Legislative Committee. Balich said he was having trouble getting it to the right Committee. The issue was moving from Land Use to Judicial with not much happening. Balich eventually decided to move it […]

Homer Fire referendum fails

By Lauren Zumbach, Tribune reporter 9:54 p.m. CDT, March 18, 2014 Plans to buy new equipment and renovate fire stations failed to win support Tuesday from voters who rejected a request for a $4.7 million tax increase for the Homer Township Fire Protection District. With all 12 precincts reporting, 53.41 percent of voters opposed the […]

City sticker artwork shows gang signs?,0,2869526.story   By Hal Dardick and John Byrne Tribune reporters 7:15 a.m. CST, February 8, 2012   City Clerk Susana Mendoza said Tuesday she’s investigating whether gang signs are part of the winning design for Chicago’s next city sticker, just days before the decals are scheduled to be printed. The sticker, meant to honor city […]

Levy’s Explained “raise my tax itis” needs to end

Total Dollars needed (taxed) by each tax district (levy) = Total amount of dollars collected by property owners in each district   The tax rate = the percent each property owner must pay to get the money needed by each District (Based on State formulas used by the assessor called assessed value)   Not increasing […]

Will County Pays for failed Chicago systems

From beautiful Homer Glen, I am thinking about the numerous taxes I pay that drain me of my ability to save for a rainy day, and spend on “things”. As a resident of Homer Glen in Will County, one such tax is the 1.25% sales tax imposed on me for the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). […]

A must attend meeting for all Wheatland Township taxpayers

By Doug Ibendahl August 2, 2011 From:     Registered voters in Will County’s Wheatland Township have an historic opportunity to have their voices heard next Tuesday night, August 9th.   We’ve all watched the mess unfold in Washington over the debt ceiling. But beyond being one of many tens of thousands making telephone […]

Tea Party Activists Making a Difference

Will County Tea Party activists are engaging the system. Conservative principals of Ronald Regan are alive and well in this County. Quote from Steve Balich lets everyone know the desire and drive of Tea Party activists ” I am not running for County Board, because I am going to win, I am sprinting” Read Article […]

No more credit !!!!

The People in Homer Glen, the beautiful Village I live in, are fed up with taxes, and fees. Every layer of Government starting with the Federal and going down to local park and Library boards think citizens want then to do new things at a cost which is paid by the tax Payer. The Park […]

Permits, Revenue, & Government

From Beautiful Homer Glen, the concept of limited government causes division among conservatives. I believe government should be limited to things that citizens can’t do for themselves. Most conservatives agree with this statement, but the split comes with its’ application in real life. It has been said a tax should be as hard to increase […]

Joliet Junior College sticking the taxpayers

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I see a spending problem, as well as a Tax increase coming from our local Junior College JJC. I believe we need to spend tax dollars wisely, and not take more than is absolutely necessary. Brad Baber ran and lost the election to the Joliet Junior College school Board. He has […]