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Why the Orland Park Public Library Child Porn Scandal Matters to All of Us

The Orland Park Public Library has been fighting for seven months now to maintain its status quo, where child porn is accessible over the Library’s unsecured Internet for pedophiles and predators who know where to find it. This horror was discovered back in October of last year, when internal incident reports completed by Library staffers […]

Update on the Orland Park Library Board – Pornography, Pedophiles, and Public Disservice

These videos are utterly frightening.  A convicted sex offender frequents the Orland Park Public Library, and the police ask the head library Mary Wiemer to not allow him to use the computers at the library.  And the library does nothing to stop this man.  Where is the public outrage!(About 10:30 minutes into the Orland Park […]

HELP WANTED: gun owners & those who believe in the 2nd amendment

We people in Illinois are in the heart of the State that most exemplifies Big Government. We as a people vote for people that are in the process of fighting felony charges, people that say they will raise your taxes when elected, and people that blame crime on everything but the true cause which is […]

Homer Township Services

Homer Township provides numerous services while also partnering with volunteer community organizations like: The Homer Athletic Club, The Homer Soccer Club, The Homer Stallions Organization, The Homer Founders Club, The Homer Junior Women’s Club, and The Will County Sheriff’s TRIAD. The Township is successful in providing “much” with little or no money because of our […]

2 Important Endorsements for Steve Balich

Primary Election Watch | March 20, 2012 County Office Candidates ICL Illinois Citizens for Life Endorsement IFA Illinois Family Pack (an arm of Illinois Family Institute) Endorsement Office Party Candidate County Coroner R Charles Lyons Will ✔ Recorder R Laurie McPhillips Will ✔ Board District 1 R Heather Farquhar Will ✔ Board District 2 R […]

What people are saying about Will County Board Candidate Steve Balich

1. Senator Pat O’Malley Said “I have known Steve Balich since we attended high school together. Two of Steve’s most endearing qualities are his honest frankness about what he believes and his unflinching loyalty to things that truly matter. Over the years his loyalty to family, faith and freedom has prepared him for public life. […]

JJC board hikes taxes nearly 17% on taxpayers

The JJC board unanimously approved the tax levy hike on December 13, 2011.  Board members Jeff May, Bob Wunderlich, Susan Klen, Dan O’Connell, Mike O’Connell, Andy Mihelich, and board president Barbara Delaney all voted yes to the 16.94% tax levy increase.  The increase in the levy totaled $8,008,978.  Last year’s levy was $47,287,997 and this […]

First Will County meeting of the National Federation of Republican Women

Please join us for an Informational Meeting on forming a Will County Club of National Federation of Republican Women Guest Speaker Pat Fee NFRW 2nd Vice President and Director of Membership Tuesday, February 21, 6:30 p.m. Americas Tea Party 1773 office 14326 Golden Oak Drive, Homer Glen

Government does not produce/ it takes/gives back a % of the plunder

From beautiful Homer Glen I am looking out the window at all the nice home’s , trees, and cars going by realizing that Homer glen will not exist as I know it in 10 short years if congress continues to keep on spending and borrowing so they can spend more. We have reached a pivotal […]

Levy’s Explained “raise my tax itis” needs to end

Total Dollars needed (taxed) by each tax district (levy) = Total amount of dollars collected by property owners in each district   The tax rate = the percent each property owner must pay to get the money needed by each District (Based on State formulas used by the assessor called assessed value)   Not increasing […]