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Taxes, taxes, and more taxes

I have noticed a quiet apprehension concerning our property taxes until they arrived in the mail. I have had numerous calls about value going down and taxes NOT. I explain that in Will County 74% of the property tax bill is school districts. Last year several concerned taxpayers went to the schools and other taxing […]

JJC board hikes taxes nearly 17% on taxpayers

The JJC board unanimously approved the tax levy hike on December 13, 2011.  Board members Jeff May, Bob Wunderlich, Susan Klen, Dan O’Connell, Mike O’Connell, Andy Mihelich, and board president Barbara Delaney all voted yes to the 16.94% tax levy increase.  The increase in the levy totaled $8,008,978.  Last year’s levy was $47,287,997 and this […]

Levy’s Explained “raise my tax itis” needs to end

Total Dollars needed (taxed) by each tax district (levy) = Total amount of dollars collected by property owners in each district   The tax rate = the percent each property owner must pay to get the money needed by each District (Based on State formulas used by the assessor called assessed value)   Not increasing […]

Tax Increase Stopped

By Steve Balich   People fed up with Government raising taxes Tax Increase Stopped On behalf of the Homer-Lockport Tea Party, I would like to thank the residents of Lockport for their support in stopping the Mayor of Lockport’s proposed tax increase at the December 21st city council meeting. The Homer-Lockport Tea Party was successful […]

Increased property tax proposed by Mayor of Lockport Defeated/status of other local boards

The dreaded disease “Raise my Tax it is” was cured when the City of Lockport Mayor’s proposed increase in property taxes was defeated. Steve Balich, Vivienne Porter, Samantha Neitzke, and Vicki Bozen organizers with the Homer Lockport Tea Party/ Will County Tea Party Alliance have been going to local boards asking not to raise the […]

City of Lockport does not raise Property Taxes despite Mayor and 1 Alderman

My name is Steve Balich. I am with the Homer Lockport Tea Party. I would like to thank you for your support to help stop the Mayor of Lockport’s proposed tax increase last night. The Homer Lockport tea party was successful in stopping the rate increase because of your support, and all the alderman except […]

Stop spreading the dreaded Raise my tax itis

The following article just touches on the problem that local taxing bodies exhibit when they get “Raise my Tax It is”. These Boards hire very expensive law firms to fight tax appeals. In the case of Citgo in Lockport, the schools are already getting a windfall and want more. My question is whydo they need […]

Stop raising taxes

We need our local boards (Fire, Library, School, City, Township,etc.) to stop raising their levy. Increasing the levy causes an increase in property tax. Boards have the notion that they should suck every penny they can from home owners and business. Boards feel that if they don’t go for the max they lose out on […]

Stop hurting families

Stop the local taxing board’s disease raise my tax-itis My name is Steve Balich, and I say no more, the taxpayers have had enough with local Boards raising their Levy’s (property tax). November 21st about 60 people showed up to the Lockport H.S. School Board meeting. The people understand that increasing the levy makes their […]

Taxes, Taxes, and more Taxes

Democrats that don’t agree with the progressive philosophy that is hurting all of us need to look at candidates that stand for traditional America. I am certain that some Progressive leaders in Illinois who have been in power for far to long are the reason our State is bankrupt. The State and local Taxing bodies […]