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The case for enslaving Justin Bieber

Whether he knows it or not, last Tuesday President Obama made the case for enslaving Justin Bieber. He headed to Osawatomie, Kansas in a desperate attempt to recreate Teddy Roosevelt’s 1910 New Nationalism speech – in which Roosevelt put forward the same Bieber-enslaving arguments. In that speech, Roosevelt makes the point several times that individuals […]

US Union Boss Trumka Influencing Egyptian Revolution With International Labor Org That Calls for Redistribution of Wealth, ‘Social Justice’ and ‘New World Order’

Source: Posted on February 8, 2011 at 7:38am To complete the Trumka trifecta here is a older Blaze video showing Trumka working with European socialists and a Blaze video of Trumka admitting his main goal is using his union to advance his political vision. Tumka Works with Socialists for Global Tax Trumka Admits Main […]