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TSA Waste

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Peoria Mob Yells “Kill All The White People”

Source: HT: N.I.M. Busters A mob of African-American male youths terrorized White residents of Peoria, Illinois as they shouted “kill all the White people” while rioting in the downtown area late Saturday night Eyewitness Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association, wrote the following account in the Peoria Chroncile: Tonight, around 11 […]

Operation Gun Runner gone Bad – ATF Whistleblower

Operation Gunrunner was probably designed to track weapons but they changed plans and used it as ammo to fuel the anti gun movement, as they blamed civilians for selling cartels American weapons. It ends up the Government was behind it.

Escape From Illinois, Cont.

Now the Chicago Merc wants relief. The line of businesses looking for tax relief in Illinois keeps growing, with the latest plea coming from the owner of the iconic Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. CME Group Executive Chairman Terrence Duffy told a shareholders meeting last week that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s […]

How Chicago Crime Works

Source: JB a Tea Party Contributor Talk to Chicagoans and they will tell you the media lies about the extent of crime in the city. Here are two stories that directly feed this belief. Emanuel confident in city’s plan to prevent more mob attacks Posted 6/10/11 12:45 p.m. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he’s confident […]

Follow-up: How Chicago Crime Works

Quick follow-up to the email below … Thursday Rahm beat on his chest and said they have a plan for the entire city. After 3 days how is it working out? Five Slain, At Least 10 Wounded In Shootings June 11, 2011 2:05 PM CHICAGO (STMW) – An ongoing gang conflict that may have […]

We are on the road to economic DEATH

Allowing elected politicians to violate their Oath to serve and protect, ended up with destructive annual deficits and a federal debt that will cost $over $200,000 per citizen to repay if we paid it off today. Schmooze about budget cuts, allows the spenders to manipulate the budget and distracts from the focus of eliminating wasteful […]

VIDEO: Missile seen off Texas coast – 1-2-2011

TSA and Big Sis Coming to a Mall Or Hotel Near You, 1984 is Here

The Intel Hub December 27, 2010 Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (Big Sis) announced today that security will be tightened at so called “soft targets” around the country. Unfortunately for law abiding Americans, this means that low IQ security officials will not only bother and sometimes molest you at airports, they will also […]

Politicians Who Own Stakes in Airport Scanner Companies

We still can’t connect the dots to say that, because these Congressmen invested in these tech companies, than, ipso facto, those scanners were then put in place at airports across the country, now the subject of controversy. Watch the latest video at But the Center for Responsive Politics says it’s done the legwork and […]