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No Dream Act

The President today on June 29th, 2011 again brought up the importance of passing the Dream act. I live in Homer Township, and I say he better keep dreaming. Homer Township Passed a Resolution in 2009 that made english the official language, demanded enforcement of existing imigration law, and schools to verify residency. Homer Township […]

Joe Walsh to Obama/ Immigration is serious From Beautiful Homer Glen I am reading a letter that hits home since in 2010, I wrote a resolution that was passed by our Township Board saying we in Homer Township want current immigration law enforced, and that English is the official language of our Township. Congressman Walsh a true patriot, begins his […]

Reports Update, Dream Act and the Bush Tax Cuts

Good evening folks, Sorry I haven’t fired these reports off to you in awhile but like you, I have been busy with other patriotic issues. To those of you who are new here is a briefing. 1.) Business Closings – This Excel spreadsheet contains a listing of businesses that have closed. In the same file […]

Time to fight again – the Dream Act is Back

Posted by Judson Phillips on November 27, 2010 at 4:40pm Source: The turkey and dressing are barely gone, yet we jump back to the trenches for yet another fight. Sometime next week, Harry Reid is going to try and bring the DREAM act back up for a vote in the lame duck congress. Hopefully, […]