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Day Religious Freedom Died

  August 1, 2012. Remember this day as the day our most cherished liberty evaporated. Religious liberty had a good run. It nearly survived 221 years from when the Constitution’s First Amendment went into effect. That’s right — you will wake up tomorrow and we will have allowed secular ideologues to strip us of our […]

Videos from the Hands Off My Healthcare Rally

July 21 the Homer/Lockport Tea Party along with Americans for Prosperity and the Joliet Tax Day Tea Party held a Hands Off My Healthcare Rally.  Each speaker spoke from their professional and personal views as to why Obamacare must be repealed and of course replaced.  Below are videos from the event, to watch any of […]

Hands off our Health Care Rally

Hands off our Health Care Rally Hand Off My Health Care Rally Saturday July 21st – Doors open at 9:30 – 10am start time The affordable Health Care Tax is the worst of Obama’s Intolerable Acts Join Americans for Prosperity and the Will County Tea Party Alliance in our battle to rid us of this […]

Final Rollcall on the Repeal of Health Care Bill (Obamacare)


Illinois Policy Institute statement regarding Republican support for ObamaCare

Once again the Illinois Republicans have failed us.  It is time that we make note of this vote and remember it the next time that each of these lawmakers (names are listed at the end of this email) comes up for re-election.  When 16 Republicans vote to increase the debt (implementing Obamacare 2 years early) […]

Debating Obamacare

Over the course of this presidential election, we’ll certainly have to debate Obamacare over and over again.  So here is a video series that explains will help you explain why it has nothing to do with health insurance and everything to do with wealth redistribution.  


Illinois Tea Party Coordinators had a lengthy teleconference last evening to address what amounts to capitulation of IL Republicans (led by Tom (Double) Cross) in an effort to presumably ‘rescue’ Medicaid in IL by IMPLEMENTING OBAMACARE IN ILLINOIS – 2 YEARS EARLY!  I’m not going to take the time to get on a soapbox about […]

Rep Joe Walsh: We’ve moved beyond limited government

Could Obama’s “contraception requirement” be on the way out?

From the Wall Street Journal: The White House said Thursday it has no plans to reverse course on its decision to require that all employers cover contraception in their insurance plans, despite a wave of criticism from Republicans and Catholic leaders. After a bruising week for health officials on the issue, the White House arranged […]

Healthcare for “Units” over 70 years old – Listen to this!

This is a “phone call from a neurosurgeon”  This is a radio broadcast on the Mark Lavin talk show….the doctor is driving from Chicago back to Detroit. He has  been at a conference with other doctors of his profession on what they are now beginning to experience due to the “patient protection act” / Obamacare….please  listen! Click here to […]