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Agenda 21-VIDEO:Obama Executive Order 13575 sets up intrusive rural council

While the country was distracted by the Anthony Wiener saga, President Obama signs Executive Order 13575. Remember to always what the other hand with this administration… Sunday, June 26, 2011 VIDEO: Obama Executive Order 13575 sets up intrusive rural council Source: Illinois Review Informed Heartland rural Americans are concerned about one of Barack Obama’s latest […]

Government is making a killing on gas

From beautiful Homer Glen, I am fed up with the rising price of gas and the Spin about the oil companies getting rich. I went to the local gas city and left with $46.00 less in my wallet. The media is complaining about the rich oils companies making so much money. I know better! To […]

Explaining High Chicago Gas Prices (Taxes!)

Source: Bianco Research at As of April 16, the 5 metropolitan areas with the highest average gas price (unleaded, self-serve) are: Honolulu – $4.380 Santa Barbara – $4.363 Chicago – $4.227 Los Angeles – $4.207 San Francisco – $4.206 National Average – $3.799 For comparison purposes, here are the 5 metropolitan areas with the […]

Turn your lights from 7-8pm tonight to combat the libs “Earth Hour”

I just wanted to remind you all that this evening at 7pm is “Earth hour”. This is when the environmental wacko’s want us to turn all our power off for one hour so “the earth can heal” If they really believed this wouldn’t they just get off the grid? They should rid themselves of the […]

Drill, Drill, Drill, Build, research, and implement

An interesting view of wind power posed by Jack Kelly, and commented on form my desk in beautiful Homer Glen. As a matter of interest, one of Obama’s heavy contributors, GE, is benefiting from his policies on this subject which should not surprise anyone. England is experiencing its coldest winter in a century. The cold […]

Bakken Oil is like gold

The Bakken oil find is worth more than gold. Will government stick regulations to hinder production.

The Democrat Party has moved from the principles of JFK to those of Karl Marx The regime or Democrat Party headed by the Socialist Obama are very intelligent and know that their policies are destroying the United States. It is fine with them since it is the means to achieve their goal of a socialist U.S.