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The communist/Marxist are everywhere these days. I’m afraid that so many people, even if you slap them in the face with 100% accurate information, they will still disbelieve you.


Elena Kagan Tied to Obama’s Birth Certificate ‘It just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn’t it? ——————————————————- Posted: August 04, 2010 10:55 pm Eastern By Joe Kovacs 2010 WorldNetDaily Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more players in the ongoing soap opera over the hunt for President Obama’s original birth certificate and his […]

Kagan wants to ban books

Make no mistake about it; Elena Kagan wants to ban books. She thinks there is nothing wrong with banning books based on their political content. Period. That makes her the most dangerous person ever nominated to the Supreme Court and singularly unfit to sit on the court. It would be one thing if she […]

9/11 Families Blast Kagan

Hello Everyone, If you have any concerns after reading any information provided on Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court pick, then, please call the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee ( and ask them to vote no. To Your Health, Janna Read Below 9/11 Families Blast Kagan (Disturbing Article) Additional Kagan News Below: From Judicial […]

A letter To Our Senators on Elena Kagan, New Supreme Court Nominee

Hello Everyone, First, a look into her history and different points of view into her background: Biography of Elena Kagan Solicitor General Elena Kagan is an unsurprising choice for the US Supreme Court, but her judicial philosophy is hard to define The Not-So-Hidden Message Beneath Elena Kagan’s Nomination Myths and Falsehoods of […]

Tea Party Nation opposes Elena Kagan to be the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court

Elena Kagan’s nomination came as no great shock. The Obama administration and it’s willing allies in the media are spinning the story that Kagan is just “one of the people.” Nothing could be further from the truth Kagan was chosen by Obama for a number of reasons. First, she has a very thin paper trail. […]