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Cap-and-Trade by Any Other Name

National Center for Policy Analysis Source: Now that cap-and-trade is more or less off the table, our politicians are starting to talk about something else — or, at least, something that looks like something else. There are various names for this alternative scheme, from renewable energy portfolio standards to clean energy standards to green […]

WOW!! BP Helped Write The Cap and Trade legislation

Wow!! Is there another “shoe to drop” in this story? Please share and educate each other. Please come together. BP Helped Write the Cap And Trade Legislation Once A Government Pet, BP Now a Capitalist Tool Cap and Trade Patent for a Cap and Trade System (Isn’t this the scheme that is now […]

City (Naperville) to hold Smart Grid open house

Please download the Naperville Sun about smart meters to be placed on every residence in Naperville. This is all part of Cap and Trade plan. I am hoping to attend this open house. Excuse me as I step out to my front yard and scream!!!!!!!!! For now on unless I will only forward information about […]