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Guns on the Border

Obama vs. Arizona: protect the ilegals, forget citizens rights

From beautiful Homer Glen I am sickened by the Federal Governments attack on the right of a State to protect itself from economic demise, as well as the federal Government not adhering to the 10th amendment. ”A federal appeals court in San Francisco refused to let Arizona require its police to demand documentation from suspected […]

Flag Desegration

Submitted via email by a Tea Party Member This picture was taken at the AZ state capitol Thursday. This photo was taken at a rally at the state capitol yesterday. The news will not show it and the Capitol Police and Homeland Security would not let Americans or any of the Veterans that were there […]

A Pastors opinion on the Arizona Memorial Service

A pastor shared the remarks pasted below about the the Arizona shooting memorial service Thought you would be interested. – I sat with my mouth open last night at the so-called “memorial” service in Tucson, and couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears at what I was hearing and seeing – even before President Obama […]

A letter to Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL)

I feel like I’ve been betrayed. Here I am, trying to fight (figuratively speaking) for what I believe in and I feel like I’m being accused of murder. You see, I am a Tea Party Supporter and I only want us to go back to the constitution. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Arizona Governor’s Statement

GOV. JAN BREWERS COMMENTS AFTER THE PHOENIX SUNS PROTESTED SB 1070 This is after the Suns were protesting the new law in AZ: Finally, a politician with a clue! I love this Governor “What if the owners of the Suns discovered that hordes of people were sneaking into games without paying? What if they had […]

Your Commentaries On: Homer Township Attacked by the Huffington Post

Love it!! Let’s keep them talking. Means they are terrified ! My family supports Homer Township And only wishes the rest of this corrupt State would do the same!! From Anna ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Right on Homer Township – now we need to go farther – Sheriff Kaupas, what is it about illegal […]

Homer Township Resolution Upsets the Huffington Post

Our township resolution made the Huffington Post, and they are upset that our township trustee past it. Click on the link below and let the Huffington Post know how you feel.

Stand with Arizona, Prescott Valley Freedom Rally

Eventhoug this event is in Prescott, AZ. We fet that this is an important update for you to know about, that the Tea Party Movement is very active across the country and I know that we have members of our group that do attend these out of stae rallies when they can. Saturday, July 24th […]

Arizona Park Closed Off to Americans