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Dr. Sandra Stotsky Speaking Out Against Common Core


“Story-Killers: How the Common Core Destroys Minds and Souls” by Terrence O. Moore

Religion of Peace? Moderates vs. Radicals in Islam

Benghazi Accountability Coalition Event   Religion of Peace? Moderates vs. Radicals in Islam Religion of Peace? Moderates vs. Radicals in Islam- Part II

Islamic Terrorist Network in America

Well America………….will you wake up in time or will your children grow up in another world? For everyone who wanted change here we go… How about this for change?   Just the messenger!!! It’s up you to decide how you feel about this.   NOW, WHO’S NEW IN THE WHITE HOUSE? Look who’s new in the white house!  Arif Alikhan Assistant […]

Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes!

BUILDING THE MACHINE – The Common Core Documentary


Time for a “Field Trip” to Nevada!!!!

This is outrageous and way too serious not to react immediately!!! Time for a “Field Trip” to Nevada!!!!   CONFRONTATION Now In Nevada – What You Can Do To Fight Back Cliven Bundy is a rancher who in the early 1990s was told that the area he allowed his cattle to graze was all of a […]

Who is Justina Pelletier?

Please help this family!     It is against the law to tell the family they cannot talk about their plight!   Apparently the judge, along with Boston’s Children’s Hospital and the State of Massachusetts are unaware of the Constitution.     Upon further investigation, it has been reported that there are several missing children.  Who are the doctors who […]

Common Core – The Government wants to raise your kid

Everything you need to know about Common Core — Ravitch By Valerie Strauss January 18 at 8:45 am Diane Ravitch (Network for Public Education) Diane Ravitch, the education historian who has become the leader of the movement against corporate-influenced school reform, gave this speech to the Modern Language Association on Jan. 11 about the past, present and future of the Common Core State Standards. […]