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Message to ILGOP Candidates: Listen to What People Say but Watch What They Do

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 By Jeanne Ives – Before I decided to run for State Representative, a number of my friends and family asked me, “Do you really know what you are getting yourself into?” After serving in local government as a city council member, and as a tax professional and mother of five, I […]

Credo’s Attack on the Tea Party Continues

  Dear Friend, Sitting in the training room outside Minneapolis, surrounded by dozens of organizers on Tuesday, it really hit me. Just six months ago, this was a new idea, and we weren’t sure if a grassroots-powered SuperPAC could make a dent in Tea Party extremism. But, I just got back from our organizer training […]

How You Can Help Bring Honest Elections To Illinois

We are just 13 months away from a watershed moment in our history … the 2012 elections.  Disagreements on our country’s future path abound, but people on all sides are in agreement on at least one thing: next year’s elections will define the direction that our country is headed in …  for better, or for […]

Lockport Straw Poll Results/Endorsed Candidates List

Endorsed Candidates Websites: Denise Marynowski Samantha Neitzke, District 205 School Board Facebook Brad Baber, JJC Board Facebook

Homer Glen Straw Poll Results/Candidate Endorsements

Homer Glen Straw Poll results are below. Endorsed Candidates are highlighted in yellow, and their website and facebook pages are listed at the bottom of this post. Endorsed Candidates List: Jim Daley, Mayor Facebook Tedd Kagaians, Viillage Trustee Facebook George Porter, Village Trustee Facebook Samantha Neitzke, District 205 School Board Facebook […]

Election Results

Cook Country Election Results This does NOT include the City of Chicago Votes Politics Daily – Illinois Election Results Chicago Tribune Election Results Homer Glen Voter Turnout Will County Election Results Will County Election Total Will County Voter Turn Out Illinois Family Insititute – Break Out on the Election

Crunch Time 2010 Rally

Our Crunch Time 2010 Rally makes the news

Betty McCollum Omits “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance

Time to say good-bye to Betty McCollum on November 2nd.

10 Things for Congress to do During the Lame Duck Session

Post from Tea Party Nation Left to their own devices, I’m afraid the present Congress will do something like pass the carbon tax during the lame duck session when they have “nothing to lose.” I therefore have the following suggestions for other activities: 1. Sit down and read the Health Care bill. Every page. 2. […]

Every big Senate race just got closer

“There was a Tweedledee, Tweedledum attitude toward the parties,” said Mike Podhorzer, the AFL-CIO’s deputy political director. “When Toomey had his huge lead, it was definitely before voters knew how extreme his views were on outsourcing, Social Security.” That’s no longer the case, he said, and “it’s changed the dynamics of the race.” Continue Reading […]