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Obama wants car makers to improve MPG or does he

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I am trying to figure out why cars getting 65 to 75 Miles to a gallon are being sold in Europe but not in the U.S. An example is the Ford Focus Econetic which gets 74 MPG. The car has a 1.6 liter Dci tubrodiesel engine emits low emissions. This exceeds […]

Perdie Across America

Here is a letter we received from a young patriot, so I watch his trailers.  I found his work professionally done, very artistic and moving!  He has reached down to the heart of America and what the problem is, our need to live our principals and values. Check out his journey across America to spread […]

The rest of the story

My name is Steve Balich. As a Homer Township Trustee for 8 years, I voted to increase the Levy in order to capture “New Growth”. I did not understand the levy process until 2009 when I attended training from the tea party. I now know that boards can levy for no increase and still get […]

It is wake up time

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I see homes in foreclosure, and people finding it real hard to find work, and pay their bills. Homer Glen is a nice place but faces the same problems as the rest of the country. I know the answer is not in spending more money on stimulus, bailing out banks, or […]

Tea Party Activists Making a Difference

Will County Tea Party activists are engaging the system. Conservative principals of Ronald Regan are alive and well in this County. Quote from Steve Balich lets everyone know the desire and drive of Tea Party activists ” I am not running for County Board, because I am going to win, I am sprinting” Read Article […]

History of the Star Spangled Banner

We the People

4th of July Message from Ronald Reagan

Permits, Revenue, & Government

From Beautiful Homer Glen, the concept of limited government causes division among conservatives. I believe government should be limited to things that citizens can’t do for themselves. Most conservatives agree with this statement, but the split comes with its’ application in real life. It has been said a tax should be as hard to increase […]

Palin can win

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I was thinking about the best candidate to take on Our Socialist President. Looking at the current field it is easy to see none of them really stand out. I want to support the next President because He or She will do a good job. I don’t want to vote the […]