Will County Forest Preserve Commissioners did not know Forest Preserve using Face Book to write tickets

I was called by a citizen who was so outraged I had to say calm down. The cause of the anger was the Patch article saying the Will County Forest Preserve wrote a ticket based on a Facebook post.


I called Don Gould, President of the Forest Preserve and asked what was going on. Don said he just found out about it and agreed with me that writing tickets based on social media is just plain wrong. I just went through a 13 month process which culminated with the County Executive writing an executive order to not allow Land use to write code violations initiated by aerial photo’s. The Ink is not dry on the Executive Order and the Forest Preserve is using Social Media to write tickets. Neither Don Gould, Ragan Freitag, or myself had any knowledge of what the Forest Preserve was doing, leading me to believe no other Commissioners knew either. We commissioners set the policy and procedures for the forest Preserve. Don said he will address this ASAP. I will also make a point of seeing that this invasive policy that pro-ports evidence that won’t hold up in court is not allowed.

Steve Balich Will County Forest Preserve Commissioner1-14-2014 Me at Governors Forum

Source: Will County News

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