Update on the Orland Park Library Board – Pornography, Pedophiles, and Public Disservice

These videos are utterly frightening.  A convicted sex offender frequents the Orland Park Public Library, and the police ask the head library Mary Wiemer to not allow him to use the computers at the library.  And the library does nothing to stop this man.  Where is the public outrage!(About 10:30 minutes into the Orland Park Library calls police! — May 19 2014 Part 1 video).


The Orland Park Public Library should be ashamed of themselves!

Weimar Bittman Presentation RAILS 12 17 13 OPPL (2)_Page_15


Weimar Bittman Presentation RAILS 12 17 13 OPPL (2)_Page_14

The question remains, why is the Orland Park Library continuing to protect pedophiles and perverts!


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