Home businesses to register with New Lenox

BY ERIN GALLAGHER Correspondent May 7, 2014 5:02PM
Updated: May 8, 2014 2:13AM

New Lenox residents selling Mary Kay or Scentsy out of their homes may need a license, even if they’re only working part time.
The village board is considering an ordinance requiring all home businesses, including home offices, to register. The move would give village officials authority to inspect a person’s home if necessary.
Administrator Kurt Carroll said the purpose is to give the village more authority if a problem arises. Examples of problems the proposed ordinance is expected to address include mechanics using loud machinery in their driveways late at night, Carroll said. Another problem is if someone had a hair salon or retail business causing high traffic that would bother neighbors.
An in-home or outside inspection would not be automatic, Mayor Tim Baldermann said. The village would only conduct an inspection in the event of a problem, such as neighbor complaints, Carroll said.
If someone is making crafts in their basement, “we’re not coming down there to be sure the sequins are in the right spot,” Baldermann said.
Home-based businesses would benefit from the registration, Carroll said. The village plans to launch an online networking page on its website featuring home businesses.
“The goal is to help them with their businesses,” he said. “The goal wasn’t to hinder business.”
New Lenox has not had problems with home-based businesses, but Carroll said he has seen issues in other municipalities where he has worked. This ordinance gives the village more authority to deal with problems should they happen.
Businesses that would qualify include anyone already registered with the state or federal governments in some way, including people listing their home as an office, Carroll said. Tupperware or Pampered Chef consultants, even part time, would also be required to register.
The ordinance is scheduled for a vote May 12.


Source: Will County News

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