Report on Re-tabulations of Will County Election Results

Edward Ronkowski‎Will County IL Republicans

Report on this mornings Re-tabulations of Will County Election Results. State law requires that the local election authority re-tabulates random precincts selected by the State Board of Elections as a spot check on the honesty and integrity of the election process. The Will County Clerk’s Office pulls the ballots from that random sample list and employees feed them through a ballot counter to see if the results were the same reported in the precincts on election day. The Chairmen from each political parties are supposed to be witnesses, but the Democrat Chairman sent his designee to do this chore for him. Mary Tatroe, Chief of the Civil Division of the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office and Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots personally supervised this procedure. All but a few precincts matched exactly on the recount. A few precincts had a discrepancy of one or two votes off, and the group personally inspected the ballots, ballot applications, and paperwork to determine the reason for the discrepancy and where the error occurred. For instance, in Frankfort 17, Nick Ficarello had one more vote than the original tabulation, with two other races showing the same. An inspection of all the ballots showed that one ballot was marked with a check marks instead of filling in the circle, resulting in not enough darkening to trip a ballot counter in all instances. While this kind of attention to the details took much longer than such re-tabulations in the past, all were quite satisfied to the integrity of the election, and the results were signed off by the respective Parties. Nancy Schultz Voots and her professional staff should be commended for insisting on the highest standards of accuracy.

Source: Will County News

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