Indiana Rids its citizens of Common Core

Declaration of Independence from Chgo 2012.jpg 14Indiana gets rid of Common Core standards
Indiana is the first state to rid its citizens from the Common Core reading and math standards that were foolishly adopted by most states.
Republican Gov. Mike Pence’s office signed a bill Monday taking Indiana out of the program. The State Board of Education will draft new standards outlining what students should be learning in each grade rather than using the Common Core standards. Decisions on educational standards should be local. The more involved with State and Federal rules the system gets, the more problems will arise. I Don’t hear any standards for teaching life skills like how to balance a checkbook, what is the importance of showing up to work and doing the job, and why everyone needs to vote. There is no standard from re-vising history and teaching the importance of the Constitution.
I understand Common Core was developed by the National Governors Association and state education superintendents, which makes them biased to the system. The System is working as designed very well. It is benefiting the teachers union, schools that lag behind, and dumbing down the American student as was the desire of the UN Treaty Goals 2000.
Under the current system, students in Chicago desire to win the lotto to get in a Charter School. Yet the teachers union fights against any tax money going anywhere but to public schools based on the failed business model that produces poor results.

Source: Will County News

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