HELP WANTED: gun owners & those who believe in the 2nd amendment

We people in Illinois are in the heart of the State that most exemplifies Big Government. We as a people vote for people that are in the process of fighting felony charges, people that say they will raise your taxes when elected, and people that blame crime on everything but the true cause which is the situation they put us in by their misguided laws. When there is no hope for a good life, people live for the moment. When there is no jobs because business is either leaving or closed down, people do whatever they need to in an effort to survive, and live for the moment. When you take declining morals, ethics, and family life into account along with the negative outlook on religion it is no wonder Chicago is the murder Capital of the U.S.
Our politicians find the problem unfixable so they blame guns for the violence. They feel like they are doing good by making more and more laws that mean nothing to people with no hope for the future. These laws only are for those who are not doing wrong. It is hypocritical to see a politician speaking about gun control with armed body guards or police surrounding them. The problems need to be addressed not the guns. More children could be killed by a car in a school parking lot at dismissal if a nut wanted to kill for any other reason than headlines.
There needs to be talk about school vouchers, but the teacher union doesn’t like that. There should be talk about illegal immigration taking our jobs but politicians are afraid of the Latino vote despite the fact you need to be a citizen to vote. Pensions that are unsustainable need to be addressed, but the politicans who double and triple dip are afraid of the public sector unions. There should be a time for anyone who wants to quietly pray in school, and yes we need to put Christ back into Christmas. I can go on and on; but I need your help to get a Concealed Carry Resolution passed in Will County Illinois, by expressing your thoughts on the issue to the Board.
Steve Balich Will County Board Member District 7
Please contact the Contact the Will County Board :
Phone: (815) 740-4602
Fax: (815) 740-8395

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