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Biological Event

Chemical Event

 Nuclear Emergency

Shelter in Place

Evacuation Plan

General Antibiotic Guidelines



Preparedness Link:



Family Plan:  Info Here

State of Illinois/Ready Illinois:  Info Here

Grab & Go Bag:  Info Here

Animals/Pets Plan: Info Here

Prepare your Home & Family:

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit:


Grab and Go Documents,

originals should be kept in a safe deposit box or fireproof safe

Copies of these important papers should be in a waterproof container:

  • Birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, wills or trusts, military discharge papers and other important “life even” documents.
  • Property titles
  • Social Security cards
  • Passports
  • Insurance records
  • Credit card numbers and contact information
  • Automobile pink slips
  • Medical records, including prescription numbers
  • Passwords and user names for bank accounts and websites you frequently use
  • Phone numbers and addresses of relatives, friends, doctors
  • Federal and state income tax returns for past three years
  • Receipts for high-end purchases (jewelry, art, high-tech equipment. Etc.)
  • Bonds/Stock certificates
  • Household inventory


Car Backpack Kit

This is a car backpack kit stored In your car. Keep your car fluids up and the gas tank as full as possible.
water (min. 5 gallons)
photo-voltaic battery charger
non-perishable food
tri-fold shovel
road flares
reading material
hand-crank radio
cat litter and bed pan
road maps
extra pair of shoes and change of clothes
self-defense equipment
towing chain
small fire extinguisher
spare tire and jack
soap and toiletries
first aid kit
good backpack


Preparedness Documents:

DIY Energy Options

How to Stockpile Food

Food storage inventory sheet

Survival Gardening

Water Purification


Red Cross Documents:

Flood Safety Checklist

Heat Wave Safety Checklist

Home Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance and Safety

Power Outage Checklist

Coping with Shelter-in-Place Emergencies

Thunderstorm Safety Checklist

Tornado Safety Checklist

Winter Storm Safety Checklist

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