Day Religious Freedom Died

August 1, 2012.

Remember this day as the day our most cherished liberty evaporated. Religious liberty had a good run. It nearly survived 221 years from when the Constitution’s First Amendment went into effect.

That’s right — you will wake up tomorrow and we will have allowed secular ideologues to strip us of our rights.

August 1st will be remembered as the day our most cherished liberty was thrown in a government dumpster and hauled away. A day when family owned small businesses were forced to abandon their religious beliefs to provide certain products and services for free to comply with the HHS mandate. And if they don’t, they will be taxed and fined at a time when job creators are struggling with the costs and bureaucratic red-tape at every level of government barely allowing them to stay in business.

While the courts have provided a reprieve for one family business in Colorado, the government will never be able to repair the broken conscience of thousands of others until this mandate is removed.

The clock has also started ticking for Houses of Worship and other religious institutions to apply for an exemption or violate their beliefs next year on August 1, 2013. Unfortunately, the requirements are so rigid and narrow most will actually not be exempt, and at any time during the next year the Federal government can rescind the reprieve. In addition, if you are a new religious non-profit formed after February 2012 there is nothing you can do.

Congress has held over a dozen pro-life votes in Congress the past two years. Those are important. However, there has only been one vote to specifically address the religious liberty violations contained in the HHS mandate proposed on Friday, August 5, 2011; announced on Friday, January 20, 2012; and published as final on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. That’s right…Washington has known about the HHS mandate for a year and it has been in place now for nearly six months.

I have heard members of both parties say they respect our religious liberties and acknowledge this is a problem. Then now is the moment for them to hear from us that it is time to finally act.

Congress will leave at the end of this week for the traditional August recess. They will not return until the week of September 10th. Being an election year, they will be spending as much time around their states and districts as possible during this period.

Members of Congress need to hear from us at this critical moment in time.Here is how you can help advance the cause of religious liberty:

  • Call your Member of Congress’ District Office — ask if there will be any town hall meetings or public events you can attend.
  • Attend the event and encourage them to support the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act.
  • If they are already supporting the legislation, thank them immediately and ask them to support it coming to the floor for a vote.
  • If they are not supporting the legislation, ask them why immediately.
  • If there are no events, ask for a meeting with your Member of Congress and organize a group to join you.

Finally, post what you learn about public events or your interaction with your Member of Congress at this special section of our website. We want to hear from you!


Matt Smith
President, Catholic Advocate

P.S. Tomorrow, August 1, 2012, will be remembered as the day our religious liberties ceased to exist courtesy of the Obamacare mandate. Take action by demanding answers from your members of Congress today to advance the cause of religious liberty. Please follow this link to let us know about events your Member of Congress is hosting during August recess. Thanks—Matt

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