Illinois Tea Party Coordinators had a lengthy teleconference last evening to address what amounts to capitulation of IL Republicans (led by Tom (Double) Cross) in an effort to presumably ‘rescue’ Medicaid in IL by IMPLEMENTING OBAMACARE IN ILLINOIS – 2 YEARS EARLY!  I’m not going to take the time to get on a soapbox about the evils of bi-partisanship (aka ‘compromise’), but this is simply a matter of total irresponsibility, a loss of spine and conviction, and ultimately selling of their limited conservative souls to the damn liberals in the General Assembly.  This is unacceptable.

Not only do the majority of Americans want nothing to do with Obamacare, but this move in particular will only further the indebtedness of the state of Illinois.

We don’t have time to wait.  Contact Tom Cross, contact your own state legislators, and also contact any Republican legislator to let them know where you stand and what you will not tolerate.  If you believe there are any Democrats that may also be swayed, contact them as well.

If there was ever evidence of the incompetence and complete lack of legislative leadership in Illinois, we’re seeing it now.  They’ve caused the crisis and they don’t have a clue of how to get out of it.  And further, they are willing to make worse because they don’t have the courage, intellect, and creative thought to do differently.  It’s up to us – NOW!




We have spent the last three years fighting against Obamacare. We called our Congressmen, sent them emails, protested outside their office, attended their meetings, held tea party rallies, townhall meetings and even voted many of them out of office. Unfortunately, there are some Illinois Republicans who did not get the message. Tom Cross and the House Republicans are cutting a deal with Chicago Democrats to implement Obamacare two years early here in Illinois. This is part of their plan to “reform” Medicaid.

We know you receive a lot of emails. We know you receive a lot of calls to action. We can say with no exaggeration that this is the most important call to action we will have all year long. This is the most important issue we will face in Illinois this year. We need your help. We must stop Obamacare in Illinois.

Media plan to get our message out

We have a press release, blog posts and email blasts ready to send out Monday morning. We will also release video of Tom Cross, in his own words, rejecting Obamacare and making the case that implementing it would be damaging to our state. In addition to the press release to our Illinois contacts, we will be contacting media outlets and bloggers across the country to get national exposure to this issue. Illinois trying to implement Obamacare before the Supreme Court has ruled on its constitutionality should be a national story.


How you and your group can help stop Obamacare

We need to help put public pressure on Leader Tom Cross and other legislators to reject the implementation of Obamacare in Illinois. By posting your comments and questions on Facebook, you can keep the pressure on. Your posts will force Tom Cross and your own legislators to respond promptly and publicly. Here are the pages we need you to focus your attention on:

  1. Tom Cross’ Facebook Fan Page:

    (This page is public and everyone can view the comments and questions you post)
  2. Tom Cross’ personal Facebook page:

    (Must be friends with Tom Cross to comment)
  3. Illinois House Republicans Facebook page:
    (This page is public and everyone can view the comments and questions you post)
  4. Your own legislator’s Facebook page.

For a complete fact sheet click here – MEDICAID REFORM FACT SHEET, NO TO OBAMACARE IN ILLINOIS.



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