Credo’s Attack on the Tea Party Continues


Dear Friend,

Sitting in the training room outside Minneapolis, surrounded by dozens of organizers on Tuesday, it really hit me.

Just six months ago, this was a new idea, and we weren’t sure if a grassroots-powered SuperPAC could make a dent in Tea Party extremism.

But, I just got back from our organizer training — where we brought together the 27 passionate organizers who are already working in eight districts across the country — and I have to say: this is real, it’s happening, and I can’t believe what we’ve already accomplished.

Every one of our organizers shared stories of all the energy they were already seeing from volunteers in their districts:

  • 73 people at the office opening in Dan Lungren’s district  in California. And they ran out of chairs at the office opening in Joe Walsh’s district in Illinois.
  • In Minnesota, when Chip Cravaack announced a last minute town hall meeting in Aitkin — two hours from Duluth — 80 people came — and 59 were CREDO Action volunteers who came to protest.
  • Last week, a friend in Iowa took a photo of a television screen with his phone as he sat at the airport waiting for his flight.  On screen were our volunteers being covered on local news in Mason City for protesting outside of a Steve King event.

This organizing is already making an impact on the race:

  • In Illinois, Joe Walsh just sent out a fundraising message attacking our volunteers who are working to hold him accountable for his extreme votes.
  • In Pennsylvania, Mike Fitzpatrick called you out when he was speaking at a fundraiser thrown by a local Tea Party group.1
  • And in Iowa Steve King has lashed out at you when local journalists ask him hard questions inspired by CREDO SuperPAC’s powerful messaging.2

I wanted to let you know, because you are among the more than 30,000 grassroots donors across the country who have helped make this possible.

There are more stories like this every day. The best way to stay updated on our progress is to “like” the CREDO SuperPAC page on Facebook.  If you go there now, you can see photos of our office openings and our volunteers organizing within the districts.

Mostly, I just want to say thanks. Nobody thought that it would be a SuperPAC that would show how democracy is supposed to work. But that’s what we’re doing together.

Thanks again for making that possible.

Becky Bond
Political Director, CREDO Action

P.S. A field campaign like this relies on early, consistent support — a last minute blast of money in October doesn’t help pay for for 7 months of an organizers salary, or office space rent in May. Now is the best time to make a donation to keep our campaign building.

1. Huffington Post, 4/19/2012
2. Sioux City Journal,1/30/2012

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