Help Newt Win FL

My name is Patty Parrett and I live in Florida. I’m not with Newt’s campaign.


The Tea Party has the strength to change the outcome of the Florida primary on Tuesday. Phone bank from home for Gingrich!!!!

If Scott Brown was the Shot Heard Round the World, then this is the Alamo . The people of Texas gave everything including their lives to take a stand for their cause.  We NEED to be just as dedicated NOW in Florida !!!!!!

Sarah Palin is right on target. I live in Florida and this is the establishment Republican Party versus the Tea Party and conservatives. Romney has campaigned with John McCain and completely ignored WE THE PEOPLE

We WIN elections when we get involved and make calls. The only way to send a message to Romney is to get a win for Newt Gingrich.


Here’s how to help – start NOW!
Phone from home across the country. Go to:

Click on First time here and you can sign up to make calls at your convenience. There’s an easy script to follow and it is really fun! Once you’re in the system there is a drop down box to make calls into Florida . The system does require you to use your own minutes or long distance.

Send this viral across the country and then make the call!! This is how we won elections for Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Mark Kirk, Judge Prosser, and many more!!!!

Thank you for your time,

Patty Parrett

Orlando, FL

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