Government does not produce/ it takes/gives back a % of the plunder

From beautiful Homer Glen I am looking out the window at all the nice home’s , trees, and cars going by realizing that Homer glen will not exist as I know it in 10 short years if congress continues to keep on spending and borrowing so they can spend more. We have reached a pivotal point in the history of our great country when we either take action to reign in the debt, or let things keep on going toward our demise.
Do we as a people realize what will happen shortly if nothing is done. We are better off to feel the pain now, rather than waiting till we have nothing left. The argument between the House of Representatives and the President along with the Senate; should start with spending NOTHING, and stopping all funding of any kind. Once we are at ZERO, they can fund what is absolutely a necessity, like the military. Our elected officials need to save our country. We are on the eve of financial destruction, and raising the debt ceiling again.
The entire mess was preventable, but we people were asleep at the wheel while our elected officials were wide awake and giving us THINGS to make us want to vote for them. Government produces nothing. It only takes.
We as a people are realizing the country has been going bad, our Senators and President need to KNOW we are on to their scam, and won’t take it anymore. They want to give the store away! Are we under a financial terrorist attack by the very people we elected to protect us on all levels of government?
Are the Progressive Democrats trying to end traditional America? I am sure they understand how sick our fiscal house is. Yet they continue on this destructive path toward the demise of the greatest Country the world has ever known in the name of socialism.

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