Never give up/ Take America back 2012

We live in troubled times, where the hope we sought, is clouded in smoke and mirrors, by change that is fiscally destructive and contrary to our traditional values. The same issues form 2009 when the Tea Party began the fight to save our Country have not been put to rest. The Debt Ceiling has been raised giving the President more money to spend. Immigration is still a huge problem draining citizens of jobs and money. The Politically correct, progressive media is allowed to set the agenda for elections because most of the people we elect fear them. It seems what was traditionally right is now wrong. The progressives have turned our fiscally broke government into a borrowing machine to fund policies that are intellectually stupid, morally wrong, and financially devastating.


The Tea party has fought a good fight to save our country since 2009. We have done more than could be expected with little or no resources. We will engage the system. Our mission is to inform, inspire, and encourage voters to continually participate in the political process, by actively supporting policies and candidates who promote the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility. Our Country is facing a pivotal time when life as we know it is at stake. We are tired and frustrated with trying change a system which is doing what it was designed to do, giving power and money to those in control while spreading our wealth. Illegals and those on welfare have great insurance, less college costs, etc. We give foreign aid to countries that hate us, paying for their socialism. Being Green has become more important than citizens.


It seems futile to keep on fighting, but we must. We must continue with the goal of taking back America in 2012.
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