We can’t cut the debt just by cutting spending…

For anyone who didn’t know (and that would be, well, everyone) I recently started writing at Conservative Daily News.  Below is my first post at CDN – let me know what you think!

We can’t cut the debt just by cutting spending…

The U.S. national debt can’t be trimmed by cutting spending alone. That is the illogical and easily-disproved lie circulating through the main stream media.  It’s a mantra that is repeated… over, and over, and over.  Considering that this claim is at the core of the current progressive demand for tax increases, it’s sad that only a handful of fiscal conservatives are taking people to task on the complete dishonesty of the position.

Keeping this as basic as possible so that even the political establishment types in Washington might understand it – if we keep cutting spending until the government spends less in a year than it receives in taxes (innovative concept!) and then we apply the money that’s left over to our debt, that will actually lower the national debt.

So hypothetically, if the government collects $2.5 trillion in taxes this year and our politicians could manage to squeak by on spending only a measly $2 trillion,  the debt could be lowered by half a trillion dollars. No kidding, I did the math on it myself.

Nowhere in that equation was there a need to mention raising taxes.

There is one catch in this plan that should be explained for the political elite.  “Cut spending” does not mean a smaller increase in spending than the one politicians had budgeted for.  “Cut spending” means actually spending less this year than last year.

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