Stop hurting families

Stop the local taxing board’s disease raise my tax-itis
My name is Steve Balich, and I say no more, the taxpayers have had enough with local Boards raising their Levy’s (property tax). November 21st about 60 people showed up to the Lockport H.S. School Board meeting. The people understand that increasing the levy makes their property tax go up. Local school, fire, library, etc. boards think they need to raise taxes to the max allowed every year. These elected board members forget they represent the people paying taxes in their Districts.

When all these boards raise their portion of your tax bill just a little, it adds up to a substantial amount of increased money on the property tax bill. On a $5000 tax bill, a 3% yearly increase equals $466 more in 3 years.

Increased taxes is forcing people who have lost income, jobs, or on fixed income into a position where they have to sell their home or face foreclosure, or a tax sale. The schools give raises saying it is for the children. School Boards expect taxpayers to believe that paying a larger salary will make our children learn more. They refuse to recognize that increased taxes force children of families that can’t afford the increases out of the school district, and their families to do with less. Every dollar paid in tax is a dollar less for food, clothes, and other family necessities.

Taxpayers need to remember they have the power to remedy the situation by voting out any board member who votes to raise property tax without a extremely good reason. Government needs to cut spending and stop expanding in this time of economic crisis. Taxpayers should also consider running for a position on these local boards, as well as attending their meetings.

Steve Balich 815 557-7196

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