November 21st Lockport H.S. Fight for your family

WILL YOU LOSE YOUR HOME 3% yearly Tax increase equals $500 increase in 3 years
No one wants to lose their home, or THE ABILITY to afford living in a neighborhood where they live, have friends, and have a quality of life despite local taxing boards joining with the State and Federal government to pilfer our hard earned income. It seems to be the mantra of local boards, especially schools to go for the maximum allowed increase in tax every year. Despite excessive reserves in many cases, these boards want to get more money from your property tax, because they can.
Each of us is standing on a pivotal point in U.S. history when taxing bodies are legally stealing our wealth, and putting us in negative financial positions. Individuals need to stand together and make their disdain for John Lukasik, Susan Forbes, Lou Ann Johnson, Mike Lewandowski, and Charles Travis, from the Lockport H.S. School Board known.

Every Taxpayer needs to show up Monday November 21st at 7pm at the Lockport East H.S. school board meeting to let your feeling be public. The 5.3% is not even for Teachers, whose contracts are up in March.
If your property Tax is $5000, you pay at least $3000 to the local schools. The teachers are paid well with good benefits. The Administration is really taken care of with huge salaries and perks that rival a king or dictator. The Boards we elect are usually rubber stamps to anyone but the taxpayer voting for every tax increase. An increase of 3% each year means an increased loss of your income compounded.
THIS IS AN INCREASE from $5000 TO $5466.64 in property tax. So this small yearly increase is compounded into just under a $500 increase in your taxes in 3 years.
Our local taxing bodies seem to think that this is just fine. When seniors can’t afford their property tax anymore it is irrelevant to those we elect to these Boards. When those who lost income, or jobs are struggling to make ends meet this board and others look at them as collateral damage. The people on these Boards don’t seem to care about the loss of our quality of life by what they are imposing on all of us. How long before You can’t afford living in your home?
You are needed to make a difference in this assault on our families.

Will County Tea Party Alliance & your family need you to come to the November 21st meeting and sign up to speak. We need you to tell them “NO MORE”.
Steve Balich, Vienne Porter, Tim Kraulidis Will County Tea Party Alliance Organizers

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