Lockport H.S. Board Raising taxes

Dear Editor,

My name is Samantha Neitzke and I am a board member of District 205. I am writing due to the voting on recent issues. My first question is when is the spending going to stop? The board members are John Lukasik, Susan Forbes, Lou Ann Johnson, Michael Lewandowski, Charles Travis, and myself.

1. A increase in the estimated tax levi of 5.3% was approved 5-3 Svara and Neitzke were the two opposing votes. This will bring a increase to the taxpayers property taxes.

2. The new superintendent contract was also approved 5-2 again Svara and Neitzke the two opposing votes. The starting pay of 183,500 and full benefits.

3. The district is hiring a company to find out the future of LTHS referendum I would think six failed attempts speaks volumes and does not cost the district anything.

4. During these hard economic times every employee in the district should be mandated to pay a percentage towards their health and welfare. Therefore it should not be the responsibility of the taxpayer to take on the burden of paying 100% of the benefits these workers receive.

I am only stating the obvious but these days when citizens are trying to make ends meet I feel it is time for all taxing bodies to look at their budget just as a business owner looks at theirs. That is see how much you have to spend within that margin and not spend the money first then go take it from the taxpayers later.

Working for te taxpayers of district 205,
Samantha Neitzke

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