This is about 15 minutes long.  It should be listened to, a Canadian Muslim from Pakistan.. Listened and learned we as part of the Western Civilization have to become aware of the pending Islamofascism movement that is almost at our throats.  We have to stand up now in any way possible or your grand children will hate of for not taking a stand.  It is important to educate yourself and draw your own conclusions as to what the potential and aim is of the Islamic theocracy that is at our doorstep.  Get a handle on this thing so you understand what is happening in our own government with Islamic Brotherhood moles (or what ever name you want to use) in the white house.   If one is a devout Muslime it is his duty to deceive you by what ever means to further the destruction of nonbelievers and their culture.  He would be looked upon with favor should he should kill you in the street like a dog.  It’s in their Qur’an read it..  These clowns keep revising that POS every tow days to suit the desires of the criminally insane Imams.


Watch live streaming video from ideacity at

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