My Definition of Social Security

My definition of Social Security:

Contributed by a Homer/Lockport Tea Partier – RA, Flossmoor, IL


Government mandated stealing 7.65% of my paycheck with government mandated 100% matching funds from my employer.


This is now called a retirement fund by many on the left and they argue the poor and illegals pay taxes.


At age 65, 40 years of work at $50,000/yr = $306,000 in contributions.


Average Soc. Sec. check $1080.00.


Life expectancy 78yrs. i.e. 156 months of benefits.


156 months x $1080 = $168480


Where did the other $137,520 go?


After spending our government mandated retirement account the goverment want us to send them more money to keep getting what they stole from us.

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