Gibson Guitar Company / Lacey ACT


“We Are Under Attack” says Gibson Guitar CEO.


“The Federal Government said, Gibson can avoid any raids if Gibson moves manufacturing to Madagascar
(3:00 minutes into interview)


Federal Government Run Amok Raids Gibson Guitar Factory


“Federal criminal laws such as the Lacey Act can make federal criminals out of responsible and law-abiding individuals and
companies such as Gibson Guitars and its employees and directors. The Lacey Act is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to federal criminal laws that can turn almost any citizen of the United States into a federal criminal.
When the power to target any individual or company through the use of the criminal laws is at the discretion of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, tyranny is not far behind.


The Day The Music Died: The Lacey Act And Compliance Convergence


The Lacey Act: Americas Premier Weapon In The Fight Against Unlawful  Wildlife trafficking



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