It is wake up time

From Beautiful Homer Glen, I see homes in foreclosure, and people finding it real hard to find work, and pay their bills. Homer Glen is a nice place but faces the same problems as the rest of the country. I know the answer is not in spending more money on stimulus, bailing out banks, or creating government jobs. Unemployed in Homer Glen need private sector work which means actually producing something.
Americans are no longer asleep. Citizens are becoming engaged, and are demanding good government. They are fed up with increasing taxes, regulations, and bloated government. Any money government gets from “we the taxpayer” is spent. They build a park, high speed rail, trail, etc. and expect us to believe they did it for us. All money spent by government comes from the people. They feel it is their responsibility to take as much of our money as we will allow to do things for us, and take their cut for their effort.

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