The media uses the term Tea Party to suit their purposes

The Tea Party is a widely used term associated with a group of fiscal conservative people that believe in the Constitution, Capitalism, and what used to be Traditional America. It is a bottom up organization with no one leader. Most groups have organizers, but they are not elected. There are thousands of Tea Party groups all over the United States. The important thing to remember is that they answer to their group, not National self appointed leaders from groups like: Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, and Tea Party Nation. I am an organizer for Homer Lockport Tea Party, and Will County Tea Party Alliance. Like most Tea Party groups, we are not part of any National Group, but have no problem with them.

Sarah Palin had it right when she said there is no leader of the Tea Parties. This is important because when the Media says the Tea Party is for or against certain candidates or issues, it is unsubstantiated. No National Group speaks for all Tea Parties! Each Tea Party has a unique personality. Our Group believes in engaging the system by education of voters, encouraging members to actively help candidates they like, and considering a personal run for office. Our group endorsed candidates by voting at one of our meetings, and by an online straw pole. Other Groups did not endorse any candidates. When we held our Governors debate we invited all the candidates. We invited all congressional candidates in our districts to the Congressional debate. We believe everyone needs to hear what each candidate has to say about the issues. We believe in action, and education to achieve positive change.

When media uses the Tea Party term we need to ask where the statement that follows came from, and why they are saying it.

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