Steve Balich for Will County Board District 7

I am motivated to be on the Will County Board to make sure fiscal conservatism is part of the newly re-districted Board. Presently I am the elected Homer Township Clerk and served 2 terms as Trustee. I have plenty of accomplishments and experience, which is available on Most importantly I stand firm for the principals of less Government, less regulation, and taking less of your money in taxes. Business is hampered by excessive regulation, and “we the people” just can’t afford more of our wages to be taken for the various taxing bodies. The tipping point has been reached, with Chicago politics extending into Will County. They are taking over politically with the new re-districting. Try to think of a State or Federal elected official that will come from Will County. The “Spreading of wealth,” increasing taxes in Cook County caused an exodus of people and business to our conservative County. We became the target of Chicago. Chicago thinks we should pay for their failed systems, like RTA, and Chicago Public Schools. Chicago has a lawsuit against Channahon and Kankakee for stealing Chicago’s sales tax by taxing goods and services at the point of sale.

I am a Tea Party Conservative Republican, but find plenty of support from numerous Democrats, Libertarians, and Independent voters because they are hurt the same as everyone else by excessive regulation, increased taxes, and the assault of Chicago on Will County. I am not afraid to stand firm against any injustice imposed on us. I believe that our rights come from God, and in this economic recession/depression we need to try to maintain with what we have, and pray God helps us out of this economic disarray.

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