Be proud of your elected officials on the Lockport City Council

Date: June 30, 2011

It has come to our attention that last night at the Lockport City Council meeting someone there was claiming to be a representative of the Homer/Lockport Tea Party. This person told the attendees of the meeting that the tea party regrets supporting Justin Fentress, Denise Marynowski and Kelly Turner. We would like everyone to know that this person was not speaking on behalf the Homer/Lockport Tea Party and does not represent our group. Steve Balich one of the coordinators of the Homer/Lockport Tea Party was watching the City Council meeting on TV last night, and had the following comment. “I saw the meeting on TV. You’re a group of true conservatives. The budget was perfectly addressed, as was the gravity nature of water. God bless -Steve”
The Homer/Lockport Tea Party believes that we supported the right candidates during the election this past April, and we are proud to say we helped elect a group of good solid conservatives. And as you will see the issues outlined below and how the new City Council is addressing them, we believe that you to will agree that they deserve our continued support and kudos for keeping their promises to the voters of the city of Lockport.

Outlined below are the issues that the majority on the New Lockport City Council (Denise Marynowski, Justin Fentress, Tom Kelly, Kelly Turner and Dick Van Dyke) are fighting to change:

1. They are opposed to Red Light Cameras because they are only used to generate revenues. The people hate them. The other problem with them is that people avoid areas that have them and that in turn hurts sales tax revenues because business suffers in those areas.

2. The old city council had planned another water rate increase of 15% and this on top of the 46% increase they passed last year. These are tough economic times and people can’t afford more rate increases. They are opposed to the increase.

3. The old city council had an incentive of $5000 for people buying new homes in Lockport. They oppose using city revenue to help people buy $400,000 homes when we have over 400 empty houses in Lockport due to foreclosures.

4. The old city council wanted to spend 5 million dollars to filter water from 2 low performing wells. The EPA said that one option was to close down the wells, we did. They will be able to rehabilitate another well and increase water capacity past the other wells. We will also save a lot of money.

5. The new City Council has also proposed a 10 million dollar Road Bond. Last year the old city council wanted to pass a 5% across the board utility tax to repair roads. Denise Marynowski suggested a 1% sales tax referendum instead. Denise Marynowski, Barbra Dornan and I worked to get out a mailer to pass the referendum. The referendum passed. It passed because the old city council had a gun to the voters head by threatening the utility taxes if the referendum didn’t pass. After the referendum passed, the old city council decided that they would do road repairs in a 10 year plan. There view is that we shouldn’t have to wait 10 years when a bond would enable the city to do repairs on a 2 year schedule. They also want the repair schedule to be set by an engineering study not by politicians. The bond would be paid with the 1% sales tax.

Thank you for your time and support.

Good Evening,
Vivienne Porter & Steve Balich

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