Dan Proft, Iran, & the National Education Association

From Beautiful Homer Glen I am in agreement with an article by Dan Proft that compares Atlas Shrugged to what is happening in education. We have good schools and teachers that want to teach in our schools, or so we think. Are our teachers being held back by the system from doing an even better job with our children. Remove the barriers, and watch people excel.
“Almost as alarming as the rate at which children drop out of high school is the rate at which young teachers drop out of the profession. According to the National Education Association (NEA), nearly half of all teachers leave the profession within their first five years. The union says low wages and poor working conditions cause this scandalous turnover rate. But that cannot be universally true for the thousands who enter the teaching profession because they truly want to instill a love of learning in the hearts and minds of a generation, only to abandon the job in disgust a few years later.” Dan did not mention that Champion.org lists the pay for teachers and administrators. I looked at our Grade school, and High School finding that the pay is very good. The job is difficult, but many lesser paying jobs are even more difficult. Over the Road Truck Drivers, make less money, work more hours, and don’t always have benefits of any kind. There are many union people in the building trades out of work , and willing to work for lower wages and no benefits in an effort to put food on the table.
“Although some young people may find they are simply not cut out for teaching as part of the routine trial-and-error that occurs in any industry, it seems unlikely this could explain a 50 percent attrition rate in a profession that—the NEA’s special pleading notwithstanding—provides above-average wages, excellent benefits, and secure employment. No, something else is at work here. http://www.examiner.com/will-county-libertarian-in-chicago/dan-proft-iran-and-the-nea

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