Will you help with Illinois pensions reform? Action needed within the next few days

There is a lot going on in Springfield at the capitol building.

Our lawmakers will be voting on pension reform this week.

Today, I’m writing to you about the pension reform bill.

The big issue with Illinois pension reform is that Illinois desperately needs to reform the pension policies for current state employees. Last year, the general assembly enacted reforms for new state employees only.

So, in May 2011, it is all about pension reform for current Illinois state employees.

Below, I describe four steps that you can follow to make a difference in the Illinois pension reform debate this month. Please contact your lawmakers and make sure that the pension reform bill addresses current state employees.

(FYI-The Illinois senate and general assembly are schedule to go on break on May 31st, so May 2011 is crunch time to pass legislation pension reform, and many other bills that are important for conservatives.)

First, Get the Facts
Fortunately, there is good information available for conservatives to learn about the Illinois reform issue. I encourage you to visit the website called Fix Illinois Pensions Now and watch the video.

Remember, the pension issue will be voted on within the next 10 to 15 days, so you have some time to act, but not much time. The sooner you can watch this video, take action and spread the word, the better.

Second, Contact your Senator and Representative
You can use the forms on the Fix Illinois Pensions Now website to send an email to your lawmakers, or if prefer, you can use this website to print out a letter to mail to your lawmakers.

When you contact your lawmakers and make sure you stress that you want the pension reform bill addresses current state employees.

Third, find out if you are you in a targeted area of Cook County?
Three state representatives and three state senators in Cook County who need to hear from their voters on the pension reform issue. Therefore, an effort is being made to identify the tea party conservatives who live in these targeted districts.

If you live in a targeted district and choose to get involved, you will be asked to send a letter (text will be provided), or perhaps write a letter to the editor of your local paper (again, the text will be provided), and/or visit your lawmaker’s office on your own or with fellow conservatives.

The targeted districts are located in south east Cook County, southwest Cook County and Western Cook County. The names of the state senators and state representatives are listed below, and their district office location is in parentheses.

Harmon D-39th (Oak Park)
Hutchinson D-40th (Chicago. Hts.)
Mulroe D-10th (West and NW Chicago)

Cunningham D-35th (SW Chicago)
McCarthy D-37th (Orland Park)
Thapedi D-32th (SE Chicago)

If you are unsure of your district, you can visit the Illinois state board of elections and search by your address to find out your senators and representatives.

What does D-39th mean? The “D” stands for democrat. The 39 stands for the 39th district.

If you are in one of the targeted districts, please email CookCountyTeaParty@gmail.com, and let me know you are in the district and interested in volunteering some extra time for this important pension reform issue.

Find out the names of your lawmakers: http://www.elections.il.gov/DistrictLocator/DistrictOfficialSearchByAddress.aspx

Fourth, help spread the word about Illinois pension reform
Please forward this email to your conservative family members and friends who live in the targeted districts. Or to any Illinois conservatives who you think might take action and contact their lawmakers.

Also, share the link to Fix Illinois Pensions now on Facebook and twitter. http://fixillinoispensionsnow.com/


Thanks so much for you continued support of important conservatives issues in Illinois.

Remember to let me know if you are in one of the targeted districts, so I can add your name to the list and you can be kept up to date about what is going on in your district.

I hope you have a great week!

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