Chicago Tea Party Welcomes FreedomWorks and Atlas Shrugged

By Michael Duncan on May 06, 2011
Freedom Works Newsletter

This week FreedomWorks joined local grassroots activists in Chicago for both a screening of Atlas Shrugged: Part One, the first installment of Ayn Rand’s classic novel Atlas Shrugged, and a wonderful event put on by the Chicago Tea Party.

Activists flocked to the AMC River East on Tuesday to see the film, part of a major national campaign we’ve led since January to help get this important film into theaters around the country. We were also joined by members of the Illinois Policy Institute who helped us put on this successful event.

After the film, activists joined FreedomWorks staff for a reception to discuss the impact of the film and participate in a Q & A session with Atlas Shrugged: Part One producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow.

On Wednesday, we were invited by Chicago Tea Party volunteer coordinator CJ Ford to join their monthly gathering to discuss how FreedomWorks can help local activists continue to spread the message of limited government, free markets and individual liberty.

Everyone knows of Rick Santelli’s “Rant Heard ‘Round The World” on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, calling for a 21st Century Tea Party. How fitting it is that now we have one of the strongest Tea Party groups in America, right here, in Chicago, noted Chairman Armey.

FreedomWorks New Media Campaign Coordinator Kristina Ribali and National Political Director Russ Walker also spoke, urging activists to get on to help connect, take action and coordinate with other local activists.

“We don’t care if you are from a 9/12 group, a Tea Party group, or whatever,” Ribali said. “We offered this service for free for the grassroots community, we don’t control it, we want you to take control locally. That’s what this movement is all about.”

Thanks to IPI’s Daniel Anthony and Robert Black of the Chicago Tea Party for the great photos!

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