IL House of Representatives Expected to Vote this Week On Right to Carry Bill HB148!

Illinois state representatives return to Springfield Tuesday, April 26 and many believe a vote on Right to Carry bill HB148 is imminent. It is urgent that you call your state representative and firmly but politely ask them to support your right to protect yourself and your family. Urge them to vote YES on HB148.

Every single vote will be critical for passage of the bill and it is common knowledge that legislators in the northeast portion of the state tend to oppose this legislation. If you live in the northeast part of the state, this call to action is especially important. If you have family or friends living in that area, please call them and urge them to contact their legislator.
Need help finding your state representative?
Go to Illinois State Board of Elections
or call 217-782-2000

Please join us at for the ongoing discussions about the bill and the support it is gaining as it makes its way through the legislative process.

SIU President Glenn Poshard, Trying to Kill Your Right to Protect Yourself and Your Family!

Once again Glenn Poshard betrays Illinoisans and the Second Amendment. It seems as president of Southern Illinois University Poshard is leading the charge to kill HB148.

Many who have been in the fight for the right to keep and bear arms will remember Poshard’s betrayal when as a congressman and gubernatorial candidate he not only supported the “assault” weapons ban but also state and federal limits on handgun purchases.

If you have a child attending SIU and you disagree with Poshard’s attempts to prevent law-abiding adults from protecting your child, or if you are SIU alumni, please contact Mr. Poshard and remind him he’s no longer a legislative or congressional office holder and to please leave your rights alone!! Let him know you will find a more Constitutional-friendly venue for your contribution dollars.

Contact him at: or 618-536-3331

Right to Carry Bill HB148 Endorsed by Law Enforcement Groups

HB148 continues to gain support of law enforcement groups all across the state. The following groups are now on record supporting your right to protect yourself and your loved ones:
Illinois Sheriffs Association
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
Chicago Police Department Sergeants Association
Chicago Police Department Lieutenants Association

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