Government is making a killing on gas

From beautiful Homer Glen, I am fed up with the rising price of gas and the Spin about the oil companies getting rich. I went to the local gas city and left with $46.00 less in my wallet. The media is complaining about the rich oils companies making so much money. I know better! To start the State of Illinois raised the corporate tax from 7% to an outrageous 9.5 %. Consumers know that means, increasing prices to make up some of the difference. Most business try to make between 5 and 10% profit after everything, so giving the State of Illinois 9.5% en reality makes the State an equal partner with no risk, work, or upfront money. It is the same as a protection racket with no protection.
The State is making a killing on the corporate tax, but still needs more to fund their vicious appetite for eating up taxpayer’s income.

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