Illinois Senator mark Kirk says to cut spending

From beautiful Homer Glen I know things that our elected Federal officials say and do will impact the life I experience on a daily basis in beautiful Homer Glen. Illinois Senator Mark Kirk is voting the right way and is saying the right things. He is warning us to stop spending before it is too late. I also follow Adam Kinzinger and Joe Walsh in the House. They are also fighting the fight. I don’t understand the argument the Liberals have framed for raising the debt ceiling. If we don’t make hard cuts now we will eventually have nothing left to cut because we won’t be able to pay for anything. A cut in Medicare is better than no Medicare at all.
S&P just announced a negative outlook for the future of U.S. debt – a warning that if we do not stop spending, a crisis could come. Senator Kirk said the rate of U.S. spending and debt is unsustainable — our economy is on a dangerous course. We are borrowing $4 billion a day and will pay our creditors over $200 billion just in interest payments this year. In times of crisis, we face a choice: 1) raise taxes and provide government bailouts, or 2) cut spending and enact pro-growth policies. I strongly support cutting spending.

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