We are on the road to economic DEATH

Allowing elected politicians to violate their Oath to serve and protect, ended up with destructive annual deficits and a federal debt that will cost $over $200,000 per citizen to repay if we paid it off today. Schmooze about budget cuts, allows the spenders to manipulate the budget and distracts from the focus of eliminating wasteful and inappropriate federal spending.
That is why we have to change the entire dynamic of federal spending. We need to re-frame the entire discussion. Why should there be a huge, time-consuming argument over spending trillions of dollars per year, trillions more than what we are bringing in? This luring support of legislators for disastrous bills by spending money on their pet projects in exchange for their vote on a huge spending spree is unethical, dishonest, and should be considered a crime. Remember Health care passed by the Democrats in control gaining votes needed for passage by paying off certain states.


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