Turn your lights from 7-8pm tonight to combat the libs “Earth Hour”

I just wanted to remind you all that this evening at 7pm is “Earth hour”. This is when the environmental wacko’s want us to turn all our power off for one hour so “the earth can heal”

If they really believed this wouldn’t they just get off the grid? They should rid themselves of the pesky air conditioning, lights, the TV, their computers, any and all charged phones. That is only the beginning because everything in their homes and vehicles was made in a plant that used power so goodbye to all clothing, their houses which needed power tools to construct and their attitudes which have been formed by reading propaganda in the NY Times and watching network TV.

As I have done the last two years all lights in my house both inside and out will be turned ON this evening along with 3 televisions and a dishwasher and both computers. Last year people walking their dogs past my house had to squint between 7 and 8pm because the lights were so bright. My goal this year is to make my house visible from outer space! Join me in trying to make my electric meter spin like a top for an hour!

Celebrate Thomas Edison’s immeasurable contribution to our comfort and innovation! – Al – http://www.heartlandconservatives.com/

Lights ON Saturday March 26, 2011 from 7 -8pm

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